ICA's Project Pyrrhura

A critical conservation project for
the Santa Marta and Brown-breasted (Flame-winged) conures!

These Pyrrhura conures are endemic to tiny ranges within Colombia
and are threatened with extinction from habitat loss.
Donations to help can be made to Operation Nest Box.

P. viridicata is endemic to the northern mountainous slopes of Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and considered Endangered. P. calliptera is restricted to humid timberline region of the Cordillera Oriental and considered Vulnerable.

Project Objectives

Project Pyrrhura will establish the current status and threats of three globally threatened Pyrrhura species in Colombia and elaborate a comprehensive conservation action plan for each species to ensure their future survival.

• Searches to determine current distribution and locate population strongholds
• Censuses to estimate and monitor population sizes.
• Intensive fieldwork to determine specific ecological requirements for each species
• Assess habitat preferences and determine current available habitat for each species
• Breeding biology research, and experiment with artificial nest box provision.
• Preliminary conservation activities will focus on local communities at key sites.
• Assess threats and elaborate a detailed conservation action plan for each species.


Pyrrhura callipteraPyrrhura viridicata

The Brown-Breasted or Flame-winged conure (left) and the Santa Marta Conure (right).
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