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The Mission of the ICA is to Meet the following Goals:

      • To provide information, in the form of a quarterly journal, on the needs of conures both in the home and aviary.

      • To assist persons in locating that perfect pet or breeder, by way of advertisements and by maintaining a database of members and what they are breeding, selling or looking to buy.

      • To promote the breeding of less common conures by helping breeders determine what bloodlines they have and where they may find persons who have unrelated ones.

      • To keep stud books on less common conures.


The objectives of the society are the study of conures in captivity and in the wild, the dissemination of information for the care, breeding and feeding of conures in the home and aviary, the perpetuation of all conure species, in particular, those threatened with extinction and the publication of matters pertaining to conures and aviculture.

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