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Cyanoliseus Guaruba
Conuropsis Enicognathus Nandayus Ognorhynchus  

Blue-crowned Conure* - 5 subspecies

Aratinga a. acuticaudata (Sharp-tailed Conure)
Aratinga a. haemorrhous (Blue-crowned Conure)
Aratinga a. neumanni (Bolivian Blue-crowned Conure)
Aratinga a. koenigi (Venezuelan Blue-crowned Conure)
Aratinga a. neoxena (Margarita Conure) 
Brown-throated Conure* - 14 subspecies
Aratinga p. pertinax (St Thomas Conure; Yellow-cheeked Parakeet; Caribbean Parakeet)
Aratinga p. xanthogenia (Bonaire Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. aeruginosa (Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. griseipecta (Sinu Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. arubensis (Aruba Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. lehmanni (Colombian Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. tortugensis (Tortuga Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. margaritensis (Margarita Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. venezuelae (Venezuelan Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. chrysophrys (Guyana Brown-throated Conure; Orange-cheeked Conure)
Aratinga p. surinama (Surinam Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. chrysogenys (Brazilian Brown-throated conure)
Aratinga p. paraensis (Tapajos Brown-throated Conure)
Aratinga p. ocularis (Brown-eared Conure)
Cactus Conure - 2 subspecies
Aratinga c. cactorum (Cactus Conure)
Aratinga c. caixana (Pale Cactus Conure)
Chapman’s Conure - 1 species
Aratinga a. alticola (Chapman’s conure
Cuban Conure- 1 species
Aratinga euops (Cuban Conure; Red-speckled Conure)
Dusky-headed* - 1 species
Aratinga weddellii (Dusky-headed Conure; Weddell’s Conure)
Finsch’s - 1 species
Aratinga finschi (Finsch’s Conure; Crimson-fronted Parakeet)
 Aratinga a. auricapilla (Golden-capped Conure; Flame-capped Parakeet)
Aratinga a. aurifrons (Golden-fronted Conure)
Green - 3 subspecies
Aratinga h. holochlora (Green Conure)
Aratinga h. brewsteri (Brewster’s Green Conure)
Aratinga h. strenua (Nicaraguan Green Conure)
Hispaniolan - 2 subspecies
Aratinga c. chloroptera (Hispaniolan Conure)
Aratinga c. maugei (Puerto Rican Conure) (extinct)
Hocking’s - 1 species
Aratinga h. hockingi (Hocking’s conure)
Jandaya - 1 species
Aratinga jandaya (Jenday Conure; Yellow-headed Conure; Flaming Conure
Mitred - 3 subspecies
Aratinga m. mitrata (Mitred Conure)
Aratinga m. chlorogenys
Aratinga m. tucumana
Olive-throated - 3 subspecies
Aratinga n. nana (Jamaican Conure)
Aratinga n. astec (Aztec Conure)
Aratinga n. vicinalis (Eastern Aztec Conure)
Aratinga c. canicularis (Orange-fronted Conure)
Aratinga c. eburnirostrum (Eastern Mexican Petz’s Conure)
Aratinga c. clarae (Western Mexican Petz’s Conure)
Peach-fronted* - 2 subspecies
Aratinga a. aurea (Peach-fronted Conure)
Aratinga a. major (Greater Golden-crowned Conure)
Red-fronted - 4 subspecies
Aratinga w. wagleri (Red-fronted Conure)
Aratinga w. transilis (Peter’s Conure)
Aratinga w. frontata (Scarlet-fronted Conure)
Aratinga w. minor (Carriker’s Conure)
Red-masked - 1 species
Aratinga erythrogenys (Red-masked Conure; Cherry-headed Conure)
Red-throated - 1 species
Aratinga rubritorquis (Red-throated Conure)
Socorro - 1 species
Aratinga brevipes (Socorro Conure)
Sulpur-breasted - 1 species
Aratinga p. pintoi
Sun - 1 species
Aratinga solstitialis (Sun Conure; Yellow Conure)
White-eyed - 3 subspecies
Aratinga l. leucophthalma (White-eyed Conure)
Aratinga l. callogenys (Ecuadorian White-eyed Conure)
Aratinga l. propinqua (Argentinian White-eyed Conure)


Conuropsis c. carolinensis (Carolina Conure)
Conuropsis c. ludovicianus (Louisiana Parakeet)
Patagonian* - 4 subspecies
Cyanoliseus p. patagonus (Patagonian Conure; Burrowing Parrot)
Cyanoliseus p. andinus (Andean Patagonian Conure)
Cyanoliseus p. conlara
Cyanoliseus p. bloxami (Greater Patagonian Conure)
Austral - 2 subspecies
Enicognathus f. ferrugineus (Austral Conure; Emerald Parakeet)
Enicognathus f. minor (Chilian Conure)
Slender-billed - 1 species
Enicognathus leptorhynchus (Slender-billed Conure)
Guaruba guarouba (Golden Conure; Queen of Bavaria’s Conure; Golden Parakeet)
Nandayus nenday (Nanday Conure; Black-masked Conure; Black-hooded Conure)
Golden-plumed - 1 species
Leptosittaca branickii (Golden-plumed Conure)
Yellow-eared* - 1 species
Ognorhynchus icterotis (Yellow-eared Conure)
Black-capped - 2 subspecies
Pyrrhura r. rupicola (Black-capped Conure; Rock Conure)
Pyrrhura r. sandiae (Sandia Conure)
Blue-throated - 1 species
Pyrrhura cruentata (Blue-throated Conure; Blue-chested Conure; Red-rumped Conure)
Brown-breasted - 1 species
Pyrrhura calliptera (Brown-breasted Conure; Flame-winged Conure; Beautiful Conure)
Crimson-bellied - 1 species
Pyrrhura perlata (Crimson-bellied Conure)
El Oro - 1 species
Pyrrhura orcesi (El Oro conure)
Fiery-shouldered* - 2 subspecies
Pyrrhura e. egregia (Fiery-shoulded Conure)
Pyrrhura e. obscura (Gran Sabana Conure)
Pyrrhura m. molinae (Green-cheeked Conure)
Pyrrhura m. australis (Argentina Conure)
Pyrrhura m. phoenicura (Crimson-tailed Conure)
Pyrrhura m. hypoxantha (Sordid conure; [Yellow-sided Conure mutation])
Pyrrhura m. restricta (Santa Cruz Conure)
Grey-breasted - 1 species
Pyrrhura griseipectus (Brazilian Grey-breasted Conure; Maroon-faced Parakeet)
Hoffman’s - 2 subspecies
Pyrrhura h. hoffmanni (Hoffman’s Conure)
Pyrrhura h. gaudens (Chriqui Conure)
Marooned-bellied* - 3 subspecies
Pyrrhura f. frontalis (Maroon-bellied conure)
Pyrrhura f. chiripepe (Azara’s Conure)
Pyrrhura f. devillei (Blaze-winged Conure)
Maroon-tailed - 5 subspecies
Pyrrhura m. melanura (Maroon-tailed Conure)
Pyrrhura m. souancei (Souance’s Conure)
Pyrrhura m. berlepschi (Berlepsch’s Conure)
Pyrrhura m. pacifica (Pacific Black-tailed Conure)
Pyrrhura m. chapmani (Chapman’s Conure)
Pearly - 3 subspecies
Pyrrhura l. lepida (Pearly Conure)
Pyrrhura l. coerulescens (Miritiba Pearly Conure)
Pyrrhura l. anerythra (Neumann’s Pearly Conure)
Pfrimer’s - 1 species
Pyrrhura pfrimeri (Pfrimer’s Conure)
Red-eared - 2 subspecies
Pyrrhura h. hoematotis (Red-eared conure; Blood-eared Conure)
Pyrrhura h. immarginata (Cubiro Red-eared Conure)
Rose-crowned - 1 species
Pyrrhura rhodocephala (Rose-crowned Conure; Rose-headed Parakeet)
Santa Marta - 1 species
Pyrrhura viridicata (Santa Marta Conure)
White-eared* - 3 subspecies
Pyrrhura l. leucotis (White-eared Conure)
Pyrrhura l. emma (Emma’s Conure; Blue-naped Conure; Salvadori’s Conure)
Pyrrhura l. auricularis (Monagas White-eared Conure)
White-necked - 1 species
Pyrrhura albipectus (White-necked Conure; White-breasted Parakeet)
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